We are a company which offers the following services:

  • marketing,
  • finance and accounting,
  • legal counseling,
  • insurance counseling,
  • human resources management (HR),
  • information technology (IT),
  • quality management.

Our clients

Our customers operate in trade, logistics and production. We service domestic and foreign companies, also in English. We assist our clients in their daily functioning, by relieving them of tasks that – being key – from their perspective they are peripheral. This allows them to focus on what they know how to do best – making money. We exist for them.

In the era of progressive specialisation of labor outsourcing turns out to be a real gift of fate. From day to day company management becomes more and more difficult. Meanwhile, the cost of qualified personnel employment in all areas for many companies is unbearable. Arkadia Holding was created for them. Our company allows you to use the services of professionals at a reasonable price. It mainly makes fixed cost which is the salary of an employee becomes variable cost – dependent on particular service.


Dear customer, if you are interested in B2B marketing, accounting services including financial controlling, creation and implementation of employee assessment system or obtaining a certificate ISO 9001:2008, please contact us. If you think about our other services, we also kindly invite you to cooperate with us.

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