Implementation of management systems according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000 (HACCAP).As part of implementation of management systems we offer you:

  • preliminary verification of the company in terms of adaptation to the requirements of ISO standards,
  • creation of a map of key processes and management,
  • definition of goals, indicators of measurement and methods of process monitoring,
  • development and implementation of system documentation – The Book of Quality, operational and system procedures,
  • assistance in the management review and management review reports,
  • a zero audit,
  • individual consultations.

Benefits of implementation:

  • improvement of the organization management,
  • systematic improvement of labor and service quality,
  • opportunity to analyse causes of non-compliance,
  • increase of competitiveness of products and services on the market,
  • increase of customer confidence.


When all the requirements of ISO standards are met – an external audit / certification can be carried out. It should be conducted by an independent accredited organisation. External auditors shall first review existing procedures and instructions (document review), then verify if procedure described in the documentation works in a company (so it is implemented).

We offer you assistance in application for the certification and any formalities in contact with the certification body.


We have many years of experience in implementing and maintaining quality management systems and environment safety, conducting independent quality audits of clients as well as in cooperation with certification bodies. We also actively support activities of internal auditors in companies of our clients.